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Sideshow – 1/6 Yoda Jedi Master

The Exclusive Yoda: Jedi Master Sixth Scale Figure can now be Pre-Ordered on Sideshow website. Hmmmm… Pre-order… I must…

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New Lego polybags on their way

2013 will see plenty of new polybags on their way to us. At the moment, only pictures of the Star Wars and Lone Ranger polybags are available, but whoa look at the list! It’s gonna be a fun year for polybag collectors!

  • 30066 Duplo Circus
  • 30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle
  • 30167 Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone
  • 30183 Little Car
  • 30222 Police Helicopter
  • 30240 Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter
  • 30241 Star Wars Gauntlet
  • 30242 Star Wars Republic Frigate
  • 30243 Star Wars Umbarran MHC
  • 30261 Tonto’s Campfire
  • 30260 Lone Ranger’s Pump Car

Some new seasonal sets also revealed:

  • 40052 Springtime Scene
  • 40053 Easter Bunny with Basket
  • 40054 Summer Scene
  • 40055 Halloween Pumpkin
  • 40056 Thanksgiving Feast
  • 40057 Fall Scene
  • 40058 Decorating the Tree
  • 40059 Santa Sleigh

Pictures of the Star Wars and Lone Ranger polybags:

30240 Z-95 Headhunter

30241 Gauntlet

30242 Republic Frigate

30243 Umbarran MHC

30260 Lone Ranger’s Pump Car

30261 Tonto’s Campfire

Credit(s):, Brickset

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Some Quick Lego Updates!

Happy New Year all! It’s been a crazy few days since the last update, so we’ll just drop all updates we’ve managed to find out for your reading pleasure.

A) Lego Year Of The Snake set: it seems Lego is releasing a special set for this year’s Chinese zodiac animal. No word yet on whether this will be a worldwide or limited release, but it certainly looks mighty fine!

B) Lego Star Wars Planets Series 3 and 4 sighted in stores in some parts of the US and Europe. Hope it finds its way to Asian shores soon, cause we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

C) Legend of Chima officially launched over at! First wave sees plenty of awesome looking sets!

  • 70000 Razcal’s Glider
  • 70001 Crawley’s Claw Ripper
  • 70002 Lennox’ Lion Attack
  • 70003 Eris’ Eagle Interceptor
  • 70004 Wakz’ Pack Tracker
  • 70005 Laval’s Royal Fighter
  • 70006 Cragger’s Command Ship
  • 70011 Eagles’ Castle
  • 70012 Razar’s CHI Raider
  • 70013 Equila’s Ultra Striker
  • 70100 Ring of Fire
  • 70101 Target Practice
  • 70102 CHI Waterfall
  • 70103 Boulder Bowling
  • 70113 CHI Battles
  • 70115 Ultimate Speedor Tournament

Credit(s): Groovebricks, Brickset

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Lego Star Wars Wave 2 Sets: Speculation

A user by the name of difool73 from a Spanish forum HispaLug has put up what seems to be a list of Lego Star Wars sets which are rumored to be coming in 2013. While we have no way to confirm the accuracy or reliability of his claims, we’ll just park this aside as speculation until we get more concrete evidence to tell us otherwise. The sets revealed are:

75015 Corporate Alliance Droid
75016 Homing Spider Droid
75017 Yoda vs Count Dooku playset
75018 Yoda Chronicle Model
75019 AT-TE
75020 Jabba’s Sailbarge
75021 Republic Gunship
75022 Mandalorian Speeder

Would be interesting to see what the AT-TE looks like if at all it comes!

Credit(s): HispaLug forums

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New Images of Lego Star Wars Planets Series 4

Lego has recently revealed a new image for their upcoming Series 4 sets of their Lego Star Wars Planet theme, and from the looks of it, there will be printing on the legs of the minifigs of the Snowspeeder and B-Wing pilots! We’re excited for these news sets and cant wait to get our hands on them!

Anyway, we previously covered news of Series 3 and 4 earlier, so head on over to this post if you haven’t read about it yet!

Credit(s): Groovebricks

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Posted by on November 30, 2012 in Lego


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Sideshow 1/6 Scale Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Commander Ganch Figure – Picture Review

We managed to get our hands on Sideshow’s Exclusive Commander Ganch figure which was released in commemoration of the Star Wars Celebration convention earlier this year. It’s a shame really that this figure is a limited release, since it’s probably one of the better looking troopers to be released to date.

Commander Ganch’s backstory for those who’re interested:

The commanding officer of the 612th Attack Battalion, Clone Commander Ganch is a no-nonsense, by-the-manual soldier who devotes all his energies to following orders to-the-letter. His hardened attitude comes from witnessing what can go wrong when troops lack discipline. A botched mission early in the Clone Wars left Ganch the sole survivor of Skua Squad.

Ganch was assigned to Jedi General Bolla Ropal at the Eedit Temple on Devaron, but after Ropal was kidnapped and killed by Cad Bane, Ropals forces were transferred to the command of Keelyvine Reus. Ganch respects Reus’s Padawan, Tyzen Xebec, and offers the young man advice when requested, though Ganch considers the teen Zabrak his superior.

We’ve put up a small picture review of the figure over at our Facebook page, so head on over to see the pictures!

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Lego Star Wars 75014 Battle of Hoth

Whoa, this set flew right under our radars. Newly unveiled, this set was a previously unannounced set for 2013, and it features a brand new snowspeeder build. Check it below!

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Leaked Lego Minifigs From Upcoming 2013 Series

Some Lego minifigs supposedly from next year’s releases have been appearing on eBay recently. While we’re not sure how these were obtained by the sellers, it sure is interesting to have first glimpses of these figs.


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Lego Star Wars Planet Series 3 and 4 Images

I’ve been a fan of the Lego Star Wars Planet series ever since I laid eyes on it early this year. And now Lego looks set to continue releasing more sets from this theme in 2013. Word is that next year’s releases will be:

  • 75006 Jedi Starfighter & Kamino
  • 75007 Republic Assault Ship & Planet Coruscant
  • 75008 TIE Bomber & Asteroid Field
  • 75009 Snowspeeder & Planet Hoth
  • 75010 B-wing Starfighter & Planet Endor
  • 75011 Tantive IV & Alderaan

I am so loving them all! My favourite has to be the Snowspeeder! More pictures after the jump!

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Lego Star Wars 2013 sets revealed!

A bunch of pics of Lego’s Star Wars sets for 2013 were leaked yesterday from the Swiss website, showcasing at least 8 sets coming our way. Fans of Lego Star Wars will be pleased to know (I know I am!) that finally, an A-Wing set is coming! And is that Admiral Ackbar I see with it? XD

From what we can make out, the sets leaked are:

  • 75000 Clone Troopers vs Droidekas
  • 75001 Republic Troopers vs Sith Troopers
  • 75002 AT-RT
  • 75003 A-Wing Starfighter
  • 75004 Z-95 Headhunter
  • 75005 Rancor Pit
  • 75012 BARC Speeder with Sidecar
  • 75013 Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon)

Without further ado, the rest of the pics pics pics! You can click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

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