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FansProject T Bone In Hand Images

Courtesy of tfw2005 user uranusdd, we now have detailed in hand images of FansProject’s unofficial Stunticon T-Bone. This take on G1 Wildrider is set for a March release and some of these images show him side by side with the earlier shown Car Crash.

Also, it’s now known that the combiner form will be called Intimidator. Now, if only my wallet is not so intimated.Enjoy the pictures!


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FansProject Stunticons: Not Drag Strip and Not Dead End Revealed

FansProject is hitting us quick and fast! Check out the image below to see the next 2 figures of their unofficial Stunticon lineup standing next to earlier revealed Car Crash and T-Bone (G1 Wildrider). CA-11 is called Down Force, their take on G1 Drag Strip, while CA-12 is Last Chance, their take on G1 Dead End.

When will we get to see Motormaster? Rumor has it that the combiner parts will come with their take on Motormaster, and the wait is excruciating!


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