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New Lego Architecture Set: 21017 Imperial Hotel

Lego has announced that their next Architecture set will be 21017 Imperial Hotel. Coming in at 1,188 piece count, this set is estimated to be around the USD100 mark, though to date there is no word yet on its release date. Check out the picture below.

Credit(s): Brother’s Brick

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Kre-O Micro Changers Predaking In-Hand Images

The below images were taken from a blog by a guy known as Fatguy, and they show off Kre-O’s Predaking Combiner sets. Similar to the other combiner sets, there are 4 Kreons to be found in the set (Razorclaw, Divebomb, Torox, and Headlock, with the remaining member (Rampage) being sold separately in a blind bag. The images show Fatguy utilizing Rampage to give off a more G1 looking Predaking.

Enjoy the pictures!


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Kre-O Micro Changers Combiners: In Hand Images of Superion, Devastator and Bruticus

Someone by the name of oscarfung over at HK-TF has shared very cool images of 3 of Kre-O’s new Micro Changer Combiners. You will notice that each combiner sets officially come with only 4 Micro Changers, with the last Micro Changer originating from Wave 1 of the Micro Changer blind bags. However, with some fiddling, oscarfung has managed to incorporate all 5 Micro Changers into the combiner form, resulting in a more true-to-G1 look.

As usual, we’ve mirrored the images below for your viewing pleasure.

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Kre-o Kreon Microchangers Wave 1 Out in Singapore

As per the title, there have been sightings of the first wave of the Kre-o Microchangers in Singapore over the past weekend. This first wave will have 12 characters to be collected, namely:

22981 40 – Singe (Turbomaster Scorch)
22981 41 – Inferno
22981 42 – Autobot Springer
22981 43 – Warpath
22981 44 – Quickslinger (Slingshot)
22981 45 – Rampage
22981 46 – Insecticon
22981 47 – Blast Off
22981 48 – Decepticon Hook
22981 49 – Dirge
22981 50 – Airachnid
22981 51 – Decepticon Bludgeon

In case you were curious what the numbers meant, those are the serial codes of each Microchanger which you can find on the blind packs. This will help if you want to aim for specific microchangers. For the rest of us who want the whole complete set, just make sure you have 12 different serial codes on the packs and you’re good to go!


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Kreo Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers Picture Review: Part 3

In this last part of the review I’ll show you pictures of Scorponok and Waspinator. Scorponok easily takes the cake for the best looking MC of the whole lot if you ignore the fact that he has elongated hands. Scorponok looks really menacing in his beast Scorpion mode, and I think his assembly is quite brilliant for such a small figure. Waspinator looks great as well, although it’s a shame that you cannot see his eyes behind his helmet visor.

Back when I first started this review, I did mention that I had some problems being some parts being loose after assembly, and unfortunately it is with Scorponok and Waspinator that we will find this issue. The problem is with the “legs” that you assemble on the left arm of the MCs. Somehow the left arm is smaller than the right, so once you fix in the “legs”, they are not tight and tend to fumble around. Very weird. In Scorponok’s case this can be remedied by pushing in the cylindrical part attaching the claws to the arm so that it “locks” the legs in place, but with Waspinator you will find that the part just hangs loose. Dont get me wrong, it will not detach from the arm, but it will not hold in place, so you will find that that part freely rotates on the arm. You can see this is the picture of Waspinator above, notice how the “legs” in his left arm seems to be rotated towards the front a little?

Anyway, more pictures below.

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Kreo Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers Picture Review: Part 2

Part 2 of our ongoing pictorial review of the Kreo Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers takes a look at the next 2 MCs in the series: Sunstorm and Crankstart. Sunstorm looks incredibly cute and was probably the biggest reason why I wanted to collect these minifigures. Crankstart in contrast looks rather plain, and his vehicle mode is the weakest of all the 6 in terms of overall form. But then again, remember that these are simplistic minifigures so you cant really expect that much to begin with.

More pictures after the break!

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Kreo Transformers Kreon Micro-Changers Picture Review: Part 1

Dropped by Toys R Us Singapore yesterday to get my hands on the Kreo TF Kreon Micro-Changers after finding out that they’re already in store. After opening them up, all I can say is that these micro-changers (I’ll call them MCs for short) are super cute! I’ll try to detail them as best as I can, starting with comments on the overall packaging, and then moving on to detailed reviews of the first two MCs: Spinister and Galvatron. Let’s get to it!

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