About us

What is HobbyTiam?
HobbyTiam is an amalgamation of the words “Hobby” and “Kopitiam”. Kopitiam literally means “coffee shop” in the local Malaysian an Singaporean dialect, and is usually a place where friends will gather, sit and chit chat. We thought this to be an appropriate name, since we want to be a place where folks can come together with a common love for toys.

Who are we?
Jeremy is a Malaysian who’s currently running the rat race in Singapore. Growing up, he fondly remembers playing with toys his grandmother would buy for him. He dreams of someday owning his very own toy store, and his idea of a perfect day would be spending time at home with his wife, dog and Playstation 3 hooked up to the TV.

Henry is a Malaysian who believes in the spirit of “Malaysia Boleh!’. He loves traveling, photography, playing video games and of course, toys. Growing up playing plastic green army soldiers, he started his journey into toys with his purchase of a Perfect Grade Strike Gundam back in 2007, and he has not looked back since. He is now a big fan of Hot Toys, and wishes he has more space to display his collection.

Guest author Madmoz is a Malaysian who contributes to HobbyTiam in order to maintain his pretense of being a regular blogger. Grew up chewing Lego blocks, he is now regularly chewed up by his missus due to his unhealthy obsession with plastic boobs and make believe robots.

Get in touch with us!
We can be contacted at the following emails:

Jeremy: jeremy [at]
Henry: henry [at]

Alternatively, drop by our Facebook page and Like us to get updates whenever we post up a new entry on our site.

Thanks again for dropping by!

*Image courtesy of our good friend vince454

– last updated: 06 September 2012


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